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What you can expect to find at one of Americana’s shows...

Jewelry by Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni artists — silver, gold, turquoise, and other gem stones

We carry a wide range of Native American jewelry, including pieces from top artists, whose work is featured in major magazines and books, to artists who create pieces that are nice in quality, inexpensive, and make great gifts! Americana also offers custom jewelry and repair work by Brian Clark, our resident silver / goldsmith. Several of his works are featured here.

Hopi kachinas

The "original" kachinas were supernatural spirits and beings. These entities once lived among the Indian people and taught them basic living skills for well-being—how to hunt, how to live in harmony with nature and bring rain and fertility to the ground, how to heal sickness, and how to mete out discipline. When these "original" kachinas left the pueblos, they gave their gifts to the people, who still carry on their traditions. Each kachina therefore has a specific function and is believed to be the spirit of an animal, bird, plant, object, place, or person. Originally, the kachina doll was devised as a teaching tool given to one's children as part of their cultural and religious training. We feature Hopi kachinas by such well known artists as Lawrence Dallas, Bryon Kewenvoyouma, Wilmer Kaye, Keith Torres, Mike Talahytewa, Sterling McRae, and many others.

Navajo rugs and weavings — contemporay and historical works

Our Navajo weavings include contemporary rugs and historical textiles dating from the late 1800s through the mid 1930s. All weavings are hand-selected with the highest quality at the best price possible in mind. We feature works by artists such as Brenda Nez, Dralinda Nez, Bertha Tsosie, Alice Joe, Lee Yazzie, Selena Jodie, Ruby White, M. White, Virginia Marsh, Brenda Crosby, the Maloney familiy, the Nathaniel family, and many others.

Southwestern Pueblo and Mata Ortiz pottery

Anderson's focuses on Southwestern Pueblo pottery. Since 300 BC, North American Indians in the Southwest have produced clay vessels. Our inventory ranges from pieces from this early period to contemporary pots by some of today's top artists. Our selection of the fine ceramics from the village of Mata Ortiz is of the highest quality. Each piece is hand-selected with quality and uniqueness in mind. We feature pottery by Bob Lansing, Priscilla Peynetsa, Maria Martinez, Nona Naha, Forest Naranjo, Sandra Victorino, Diane Lewis, Julie Gutierrez, Alice Cling, the Nampeyo family, the Frogwoman family, the Featherwoman family, Tom and Sue Tapie, Dorothy Torivio, Joseph Lonewol,f Juanita Fragua, Tonita Roybal, Tomasita Montoya, Lucy Lewis, Lorenzo Gonzates, Blue Corn, Lucy Leupp McKelvey, Glendora and Dennis Daubs, Geri Narajo, Deloris Curran, Delores Sanchez, Wilfred and Sandra Carcia, Marilyn Henderson Ray, Mae Tapia, Dena Suina, Al Qöyawayma, the Teller family, the Quezada family, Tavo Silveria, Armondo and Letty Rodriquez, Robert and "Angela" Bamuelos, Jose and Suzy Martinez, Jesus Martinez, Hector Ortega, the Gallegos family, and many others.

Indian baskets by Hopi, Navajo, Papago, Northwest Coast, and Californian artists

Anderson's carries a wide selection of Native American baskets woven by artists from the Hopi, Navajo, and other tribes. These baskets range from modern, contemporary works to historical and collectible items.Many feature intricate designs that reflect the rich symbolism of these Indian cultures.

Sandpaintings and other fine art paintings

We sell a variety of paintings — original oils, water colors, gouche and mixed media, as well as limited- and open-edition prints featuring both Native American and western subject matter. Our selection of Navajo sandpaintings includes the finest traditional and contemporary styles available. Each piece is hand-selected and custom-framed. Artists include Eugene Baatsoslanii Joe, Joe Ben Jr., Bilson and Nelson Kee, War Eagle, the Myerson family, Frank Martin, Harrison Begay, Beatien Yazzi, Raymond Judge, Benson Halwood, Carlos Begay, Mary Selfridge, Carol Lee Thompson, Hans Ressdorf, Rita Alexander, Bradley Hoback, and many others

Rare and historic Southwest Indian arts and crafts — Navajo, Hopi, Apaches, Zuni, and more...

Anderson's carries some rare and historic Native American crafts from the Hopi, Navajo, Apache, and other tribes. These hard-to-find pieces are one of a kind.

Northwest Coast art — Masks, drums, and other works

Anderson's carries hand-carved masks, painted drums, and other pieces crafted by Northwest Coast Indian tribes that live along the areas stretching from southern Alaska to Washington. These peoples have developed a beautiful art, incorporating both their religious beliefs and folklore. Although the art and crafts vary by tribe and village, pieces are surprisingly complementary. It's easy to specialize in a given tribe… but if you do so, you'll likely pass up many very collectible and interesting pieces!